Peiko, a new member of BestCoders network

At BestCoders, our goal is to connect professional developers and customers across the Baltics. We are happy to welcome Peiko to our network. Peiko is a well-established professional development team of 70+ people. Mainly focused on Fintech and Blockchain, but also has departments that are specialized in Marketplaces, SaaS, Custom eCommerce, and other web and mobile development services. […]

There is a new northern dimension in our company network

Hutcode Oy will open its door today in Rovaniemi, Finland. The Northern Finland’s ICT-industry will gain a new player when Hutcode starts its operations today 16th of December 2022. Hutcode is a part of our company network. The company offices are located in Rovaniemi and the plan is to employ at least 10 professionals within the […]

What has changed in a quarter of a century?

It had been 26 years since the last trip to Poland in 1996. I had already forgotten the expectations and thoughts of my previous visit, when I visited Poland, Poznan after a long time. I enjoyed myself in Poznan very much. The only thing that differed me from my home town Tampere was the zloty instead of […]

Network’s business is running nicely and growing steadily – CaleoScope Q3 2022

Autumn is coming fast and more business is right around the corner. In Caleo network’s business is running nicely and growing steadily. More and more companies are interested in different options for great IT-consultant providers, most importantly also outside Finland. From the start BestCoders has been a key user for Caleo’s consultant network business. We’re happy to […]

Finns assisting companies in Poland to find the right IT experts.

BestCoders, a Finnish IT partner network, is entering Poland and offering tempting access to Scandinavian assignments from the local IT/ICT market and an almost immediate opportunity for project-based engagement of developers and IT consultants to companies operating in Poland.  BestCoders core business is an innovative approach in networking and matching experienced experts from the IT […]

Bestcoders expands abroad

  Bestcoders Oü is expanding its operations together with Finnish parent company Codemen Oy. The company’s mission is to implement complex and challenging software projects and fulfill the expectations by combining the need with the right candidate. Bestcoders network currently includes 5,500 professionals and more than 500 Finnish software companies. In addition to Estonia, growth is sought […]

Happening at Caleo

Both the product and the business are developing at a good pace. Bestcoders network operations, expert competence management and general expert services business are revolving strongly around Caleo. Therefore, we expect significant growth in the following months as Bestcoders moves to Caleo entirely. Assignments have been set by both the private and public sectors; surveys […]