Network’s business is running nicely and growing steadily – CaleoScope Q3 2022

Autumn is coming fast and more business is right around the corner. In Caleo network’s business is running nicely and growing steadily. More and more companies are interested in different options for great IT-consultant providers, most importantly also outside Finland. From the start BestCoders has been a key user for Caleo’s consultant network business. We’re happy to see that many of BestCoders partners are actively participating in different searches.

The international network business that BestCoders is growing, has found new partners to strengthen the existing supplier network from its current state. Especially in Poland, BestCoders has found more business potential for all the partners in the network than ever before.
In Caleo, we’re happy to facilitate growing networks and help network managers and partners get the best Caleo experience.

In the second quarter a bit more roles were searched than last quarter, and a natural decrease did happen for last quarter because of the holiday season. Most searched roles were a bit surprisingly on the Embedded side. A little more common need as a Python engineer was also frequent need.

We’ve also seen a steady rise on new partners taking Caleo to boost their own business management processes. Mainly on CV sales and CV management. We’ll be back next year with new statistics.