Happening at Caleo

Both the product and the business are developing at a good pace. Bestcoders network operations, expert competence management and general expert services business are revolving strongly around Caleo. Therefore, we expect significant growth in the following months as Bestcoders moves to Caleo entirely.

Assignments have been set by both the private and public sectors; surveys and tenders and, of course, acute expert needs. Growth has been on the rise – Especially in the spring, there were clearly more new projects and needs.

By analyzing data, it can be noted that project managers were most sought after based on the roles of the assignments. Demand also emphasizes the need for experienced software and test automation experts. Especially from the point of view of the whole, experts specializing in different ICT technologies were most needed. The data of the roles most sought after is mainly based on the assignments distributed by Codemen.

Trending skills and technologies mimic the most sought after roles in assignments. In particular, modern technologies and cloud expertise were quite wanted qualities. The growth of technologies is particularly illustrated by new technology frames, “frameworks”, so no need to reinvent the wheel every time and the software is not needed to be done from the scratch. Strong trends are Fullstack and Cloud -skills without forgetting quality assurance.

Caleo’s users’ growth during Q1 is strongly based on Codemen’s own customers and partner network suppliers, for whom Caleo acts as a tool for the acquisition and management of experts. Within the system’s framework, growth was most seen in Codemen’s current and new partners.

Overall, the first quarter of the year went smoothly for moderate growth, focusing heavily on supporting the businesses of Codemen and Codemen’s partners. We will return again with fresh results in the next Caleoscope.


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