Finns assisting companies in Poland to find the right IT experts.

BestCoders, a Finnish IT partner network, is entering Poland and offering tempting access to Scandinavian assignments from the local IT/ICT market and an almost immediate opportunity for project-based engagement of developers and IT consultants to companies operating in Poland. 

BestCoders core business is an innovative approach in networking and matching experienced experts from the IT world by tackling the almost endless demand from Finnish, Estonian and now also Polish experts. How? We have created a high-end platform named Caleo.

Introducing Caleo

Caleo is a digital service we’ve created to manage and source IT experts. With Caleo, companies can instantly find and engage individual developers or entire teams for their projects. In addition, by acting as an IT freelancer, you can offer your capabilities and receive offers from other companies-members of the BestCoders partner network. Caleo also offers a preview of all open assignments and anonymized resumes of developers. Importantly, joining the BestCoders partner network and using Caleo is free. 

There are more than 300,000 programmers in Poland with a strong nearshore experience.

Local deficits in IT competencies can slow down economic growth, which is why we are investing heavily in foreign markets,” says Kamil Kamiński, Country Manager at BestCoders Poland.

“We were looking for growth opportunities in Europe and found that Poland was the best option for us, as there are more than 300,000 programmers with excellent English proficiency and strong nearshore experience.

We offer our clients a broad base of currently nearly 6,000 IT experts, often ready for project engagements in as little as 48h, so companies don’t have to conduct lengthy and costly recruitment. In turn, our freelance partners get easy access to hundreds of Scandinavian challenging projects through BestCoders and our Caleo platform”, Kamiński adds.

Ensuring that projects don't stagnate due to lack of talent

“We strive to ensure that projects don’t stagnate due to lack of talent. We are already working with more than 70 Polish companies and the number is growing by 2-4 new partners per week. We aim to grow by creating more and more opportunities for all members of our network. Joining the network is free of charge. The only thing you should invest in is a little time to meet with us stationary or online.” – says Juha Karjalainen, CEO of BestCoders Poland and long-time officer at Codemen, BestCoders’ parent company.

About Bestcoders

BestCoders Poland is part of a Finnish and Estonian group of IT companies with nearly 200 employees. Its parent company, Codemen (founded in 2013), has the largest network of software companies in Finland. The network includes more than 5,500 international IT professionals and more than 500 Finnish software companies – and is growing steadily.

Codemen’s offerings include support for industries such as finance, telecommunications, public sector, education and healthcare, among others, and the company has more than 150 Scandinavian and international clients, including: City of Helsinki, Nordea, TPI Control or Hitachi. Codemen has a history of more than 8,000 client projects, achieving very high customer satisfaction scores (NPS). The strength of the partner network is based on strong cooperation and open communication.

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