Bestcoders expands abroad


Bestcoders Oü is expanding its operations together with Finnish parent company Codemen Oy. The company’s mission is to implement complex and challenging software projects and fulfill the expectations by combining the need with the right candidate.

Bestcoders network currently includes 5,500 professionals and more than 500 Finnish software companies. In addition to Estonia, growth is sought in Poland, where there are almost 300,000 software developers, more than half of whom are smaller, trade name entrepreneurs.

The growth company’s desire to digitize ICT procurement outside Estonia and Finland is also driving internationalization. At the forefront is Caleo, a web platform developed by the company. Caleo utilizes artificial intelligence and operates as a link to combine the ICT need and optimum expertise.

As a result of the growth strategy, Codemen’s management becomes more sales-driven. Inside the company, Eero Hyytinen will become the CEO and the current CEO Juha Karjalainen will become the Chairman of Codemen’s Board of Directors, being responsible for internationalization and Caleo’s business.


“We want to be even more active and be closer with both our customers and our partners. With the help of our largest network of experts in Finland, and by investing in customer orientation, we ensure that IT projects do not get caught up in competent factors. With Caleo, we can provide our partners and customers with the best service on the market. Our goal is to fulfill the expectations by combining the need with the right candidate. We are an important supplier, especially in the public sector, and we want to continue to be involved in building the best digital services for our customers,” rejoices Codemen’s new CEO, Eero Hyytinen.


Bestcoders extends its network and services to the Baltics and Eastern Europe together with Finnish Codemen parent company.

“In the first phase, we will expand our operations in Estonia and launch operations in Poland. We are focusing on the Poznań region, where there are around 20,000 ICT workers and the future also looks attractive; about 1,500 new experts graduate annually from the region’s three IT universities. In addition, a very lively ICT network is already operating in the area, including several Finnish companies,” comments Juha Karjalainen, Partner director of Bestcoders Oü. 

Growth is driven by Caleo, an artificial intelligence web platform developed by Codemen. Caleo fulfills the expert expectations for up to 30 seconds. It is free and quick to use for its users. “Why wouldn’t we offer such a functional and ready-made platform for the use of non-Finnish companies as well,” Karjalainen continues.