There is a new northern dimension in our company network

Hutcode Oy will open its door today in Rovaniemi, Finland.

The Northern Finland’s ICT-industry will gain a new player when Hutcode starts its operations today 16th of December 2022. Hutcode is a part of our company network.
The company offices are located in Rovaniemi and the plan is to employ at least 10 professionals within the next year. 
“Why are the coders running away to south when Rovaniemi is a top place for software know-how? There is a lot of talent in the city plus high-quality education that is very accommodating with the needs of the employers”, asks the soon-to-be CEO Jari Kunnari. 
Even though Hutcode’s focuses on web development, services cover more than just websites and eCommerce platforms. Our vast network of companies ensures that Hutcode is able to offer agile solutions in any stage of a software development life cycle. 

Hutcode is a part of company network

Hutcode is a part of our company network with Q-Factory that specializes in software testing and quality control, Codemen with its software development professionals and the largest software company network in Finland, Bestcoders and its international company network and the intelligent automation company QAutomate. Our network is able to provide better services all around Finland since we now operate in Helsinki, Tampere, Jyväskylä, Lahti, Hämeenlinna, Joensuu, Ylivieska and Rovaniemi and outside of Finland in Tallin, Estonia and Poznańi, Poland. 

The northern dimension is us trying to get our footing as an employer in the Rovaniemi region while also offering a broad range of services to local operators. Misa Ahola, the founder and owner of the company network, had this to say about the newest member in the family: “The advantage Hutcode has over the other employers in the area is that it can offer all the services and jobs of our vast company network in Rovaniemi. The job seekers can apply to any position in our company network and be in Rovaniemi. 
Same goes for all of our northern customers – all of our company network’s services available in Rovaniemi.” 

Our network reaches over 6000 professionals in Finland and across Europe.

“Our expanding network delivers solutions faster, better and to a broader market. Our strength is our wide variety of different products and solutions available in Finland and internationally through our Talentshoring service”, Ahola continues. 

Rovaniemi is also happy about the newcomer. “I have noticed, to my delight, that software companies clearly view Rovaniemi as an enticing investment opportunity, too. Rovaniemi’s plan for the coming years is to strenghten the software business ecosystem and we welcome all new operators. The goal is to build a tight co-operation between companies operating in Rovaniemi and together solve some of the challenges the field faces, e.g. worker shortage.”, tells Marko Merkkiniemi from Business Rovaniemi. 

Hutcode’s new website is now open at 

Hutcode Oy 

Hutcode is a northern service company that offers flexible software development services with modern tools. 
Hutcode will open its doors today 16 of December 2022.