The cooperation between the refrigerator equipment manufacturer Porkka Finland Oy and the software development house AtoZ got its spark through the Codemen network.

Codemen is Finland’s largest ICT industry network, which currently comprises more than 550 software companies and 5,000 experts all over Finland.

”Wedecided to useexpertknowledgefrom outside Porka in the IT project, soweput an announcement in Codemen’snetwork of software companies. Codemenpresented us a few highly promising candidates promptly, from which we chose the one that best suited the profile for the task”, says Markku Kukkonen who is responsible for Porkka’sresearch and productdevelopment.

  • Porkka decided to use expert knowledge from outside Porkka in the IT project and went looking for an expert in the Codemen network.
  • Codemen searched for a few candidates who fit the profile, and Porkka was able to choose the best one.
  • With the help of the service, accessibility and service management become more efficient, and the principle of local service is better implemented.